StreamAlive is a SaaS application that works with all major streaming and meeting platforms and enables true audience engagement at scale. See this video to get a better idea.

StreamAlive is a category-creating product and will work with anyone from creators to companies, from YouTube to Zoom and from Twitch to Teams, in any livestream with over 30 participants. Our product is an innovative web application using cutting-edge technologies, to bring in structure from unstructured data.

Co-founded by Lux (Lakshmanan Narayan), Joe (Joseph Varghese), Tina (Lakyntina Lyngdoh), and Ram (Ram Gupta). The team previously co-founded another category-creating product, Unmetric, and led it to a successful exit.

We’re hiring...

Front End React Developers

Node.js Developers

Join the fam. Even our meetings are Alive!

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